Custom-made or pre-made transduction of nearly all mammalian cells, including difficult-to-transfect cells.

Lentigen lentivirus is produced from standardized protocols, with stringent quality control processes, which include sequence verification of the insert and qRT-PCR based titer estimation. View transduction results of H1299 cells with Lentifect eGFP or mCherry lentivirus.

  1. High titer. Ready for transduction viral particles
  2. Extra High titer. ≥ 2.108 TU/ml, providing efficient transduction of virtually all mammalian cells
  1. Versatility. Lentigen lentiviral particles can express nearly any Ncbi clone types, including ORF cDNA (untagged or tagged), shRNA, sgRNA, miRNA and promoters.
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  • Plasmid amplification and purification

    Plasmid amplification and purification | 568-S203


    Plasmid amplification and purification | 568-S203 from 101Bio Supplied by Gentaur Genprice.Service Overview:We provide transfection grade plasmid DNA from bacterial culture: Large scale plasmid production 500 mg XLarge scale plasmid production 1,000...
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