Exo-FBS™: Exosome-Depleted FBS

The bottles of Exo-FBS are sterile and shipped frozen. Thaw the frozen ExoFBS overnight at 4°C to use the next day. Store at 4°C for additional use, do not freeze again.
Add the same amount of Exo-FBS as you would standard FBS as a supplement to DMEM (or other media).
This is typically 10% in DMEM.
Heat inactivated FBS media supplement is treated at 65°C for 15 minutes before bovine exosome removal.

List of Components

Cat# Description Size
EXO-FBS-50A-1 Exosome-depleted FBS Media Supplement 50 ml
EXO-FBS-250A-1 Exosome-depleted FBS Media Supplement 250 ml
EXO-FBSHI-50A-1 Exosome-depleted, Heat Inactivated FBS Media Supplement 50 ml
EXO-FBSHI-250A1 Exosome-depleted, Heat Inactivated FBS Media Supplement 250 ml

ExoFBS supports equivalent growth of many types of cells in culture, is devoid of cow CD63 positive exosomes and does not have any measurable bovine microRNAs. Perform your studies on cellular secreted exosomes in culture without the worry of contaminating cow exosomes in your experiments. No ultracentrifugation required.
 - Exosome-sized vesicles removed
 - FBS that has been stripped of CD63-positive cow exosomes
 - No detectable cow microRNAs
 - Same cellular growth rates supported as standard FBS

 Media preparation with Exo-FBS

Thaw Exo-FBS overnight at 5°C (refrigerated). Next day, combine 50 ml of Exo-FBS and 5 ml PenStrep stock (10,000 U/mL Pen, 10 mg/mL Strep) in 500 ml DMEM, RPMI or other base media.
We recommend culturing the cells in Exo-FBS/Exo-FBSHI media for a minimum of 3 days (or when it reaches ~80% confluency) prior to collection of exosomes to ensure sufficient exosomes are isolated. This will require optimizing seeding densities for a given cell line to meet these conditions