Blog coverage of peer-reviewed research

Preconized! In June 2008, I predicted blogging about peer-reviewed research would impact on journal metrics. At the moment, blog citations are not included in the calculation of impact factor, but PLOS is starting its own way toward a more modern article metrics and now includes also citations obtained from blog posts. I told you...

Honestly, at this point, I'm wondering about #1 the responsibility that this involves when one decides to post about a paper (this is my contribution), and #2 the paucity of science bloggers able to deal on more topics other than the suck evolution diatribe. Why research blogging did not explode like classical molecular biology forums? I feel blogging requires a wider mind, open to different areas of the scientific panorama, while forums are more used to restrict the scientific dialog to practical technicalities:
why my transfection does not work?
Does really Boscoh is right when affirming that
most people working in science are just not that into science?