Green Fluorescent Rabbit

A new study demonstrates the feasibility of using a lentiviral approaches to create transgenic rabbits with more efficiency than classical pronuclear injection transgenesis developed in rabbits two decades ago.

Tracing Ruppy, the reporter-dog, the enhanced transgenic bunny carries a green fluorescent protein. Rabbits are still used as laboratory animals as they are genetically closer to primates and are large enough to allow safe and secure blood sampling compared to mice. Thus, transgenic rabbits are promising models for cardiovascular research.

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Hiripi, L., Negre, D., Cosset, F., Kvell, K., Czömpöly, T., Baranyi, M., Gócza, E., Hoffmann, O., Bender, B., & Bősze, Z. (2010). Transgenic rabbit production with simian immunodeficiency virus-derived lentiviral vector Transgenic Research DOI: 10.1007/s11248-009-9356-y