Molecular imaging in drug discovery

Molecular imaging in drug discovery

Currently up to 10 companies (including biospace lab, caliperLS, kodak, advanced research technologies, hamamatsu, visen medical, olympus, berthold, optosonics, maunakea technologies, and UVP) sell integrated systems for in vivo imaging of optical reporters (luciferase, fluorescent proteins). The measurement of the reporter is captured by charged couple detector (CCD) cameras that are attached in the system. A recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan declares a shift in the market of optical imaging devices. According to the analysis

The optical imaging market had transformed from an emerging market to a growing market.

Reporter genes, coupled with non–invasive molecular imaging technology, will ameliorate the drug development phase, which till date is experiencing immense cost and time pressures.

The more the spending in research and development by pharmaceutical companies across the globe, the more it would drive the optical imaging market.

I'm going to have a talk on bioluminescence principles in a "Molecular Imaging in Drug Discovery" workshop, I'm curious to see how many pharma companies will attend the event.