CMV-hspCas9-T2A-Puro SmartNuclease Pre-Packaged Lentiviral Particles [>10^6 IFUs]

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  • CMV-hspCas9-T2A-Puro SmartNuclease Pre-Packaged Lentiviral Particles [>10^6 IFUs]
  • CMV-hspCas9-T2A-Puro SmartNuclease Pre-Packaged Lentiviral Particles [>10^6 IFUs]
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CMV-hspCas9-T2A-Puro SmartNuclease Pre-Packaged Lentiviral Particles [>10^6 IFUs]. Cat# CASLV100VA. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Reliable cell labeling, delivered SBI’s family of Lenti-Labeler™ constructs facilitate a wide range of studies—including cell tracking, high-throughput assays, and more—by enabling efficient and reliable labeling of your cells. The pLL-CMV-Luciferase-T2A-Puro Lenti-Labeler™ construct expresses luciferase from the CMV promoter, which delivers strong expression in most commonly-used cell lines (HeLa, HEK293, HT-1080, etc.), and co-expresses the puromycin resistance gene for selection in vitro prior to in vivo use. Available as either fully propagatable, sequence-verified plasmid DNA (Cat.# LL150PA-1) or ready-to-transduce pre-packaged lentivirus (Cat.# LL150VA-1), SBI’s pLL-CMV-Luciferase-T2A-Puro Lenti-Labeler™ is designed for reliability, so you can get to valuable insights faster.
  • Proven—leverages SBI’s third generation lentivector technology for optimal virus titers
  • Validated—sequence-verified from LTR to LTR and expression-verified in HT-1080 cells
  • Flexible—available in a range of fluorescent markers, selection markers, and promoters (Table 1)
While the pLL-CMV-Luciferase-T2A-Puro Lenti-Labeler construct is compatible with most second and third generation packaging plasmid mixes, SBI recommends the use of pPACKH1 (Cat #LV500A-1) and TransDux MAX Transduction Reagent (Cat #LV860A-1) to achieve optimal virus titers and infection of target cells. Find the right Lenti-Labeler construct for your studies

SBI offers Lenti-Labeler constructs with a range of selection markers, reporter genes, and two different promoters.

Table 1. Available Lenti-Labeler Constructs

Supporting Data

SBI’s Lenti-Labelers get your cells labeled efficiently, reliably


Figure 1. SBI Lenti-Labeler constructs reliably and efficiently label cells. Comparison of the number of fluorescently-labeled cells to the total number of cells seen in the corresponding phase contrast images reveals the high labeling efficiency of SBI’s Lenti-Labeler constructs.


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