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EGFP-labeled Cas9 Protein (NLS-Cas9-EGFP)

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  • EGFP-labeled Cas9 Protein (NLS-Cas9-EGFP)
  • EGFP-labeled Cas9 Protein (NLS-Cas9-EGFP)


EGFP-labeled Cas9 Protein (NLS-Cas9-EGFP) . Cat# CAS420A. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences



Take the power of CRISPR/Cas9 technology to the next level

Experience all the benefits of purified Cas9 protein with the added ability to screen for successful introduction into target cells with the EGFP-labeled Cas9 Protein (NLS-Cas9-EGFP). Highly concentrated and ready to use, the NLS-Cas9-EGFP protein is ready for introduction into target cells via transfection, electroporation, or microinjection. Once inside the cell, a nuclear localization signal (NLS) directs the protein to the nucleus where it catalyzes gRNA-directed cleavage before being rapidly cleared.

NLS-Cas9-EGFP protein enables efficient genome editing while reducing off-target events1–3. By removing plasmid delivery of Cas9 from the genome editing process, both off-target events from random plasmid integration and the potential for an immune response from bacterial plasmid sequences are avoided1,2. In addition, the more transient nature of Cas9 protein compared to plasmid or mRNA delivery further reduces off-target activity without decreasing on-target efficiency1,2. The end result is better, safer Cas9 activity for applications where off-target events need to be minimized, such as:

  • Genome engineering in embryos
  • Disease model generation of organisms and cell lines
  • In vitro transfection of cells
  • In vitro cleavage assays for functional gRNA screens
With transfectable/electroporatable/injectable Cas9 protein, you can:
  • Increase Cas9 efficiency2
  • Reduce off-target events2
  • Reduce the potential for immune response to vector DNA
  • Simplify delivery to cells and embryos
  • Perform multiplex, high-throughput studies
  • Conduct typical downstream functional assays
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Streamline genome editing with transfectable/electroporatable Cas9 protein—get Cas9 protein bundled into a kit with the Cas9 Protein & T7 gRNA SmartNuclease™ Synthesis Kit (Cat.# CAS420A-KIT) .

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