Exosomal RNA Extraction Kit | 568-P200R, part of P200

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568-P200R, part of P200
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Exosomal RNA Extraction Kit | 568-P200R, part of P200 from 101Bio Supplied by Gentaur Genprice.

Product Overview: This kit can isolate / purify pure exosome at high yield from cell culture media.

✓ Easy to use: No ultra-centrifugation (< 2 hours)

✓ 10 fold higher yield (vs. other kits or ultracentrifuge method)

✓ Save cost (vs. antibody-bead method)

✓ Isolate pure exosome (exosome purity > 95%)

✓ Intact exosome (good morphology)

Use as little as 2 ml cell media to isolate high yield of exosomes for any downstream applications: EM study, exosome label, exosome subpopulation, qRT-PCR profiling of exosomal miRNAs, and gel analysis of exosomal proteins.

Shipping/Storage Temperature: ship at RT; store at RT

Shelf Life: 6 months

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