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Human Nanog Differentiation Reporter (pRedZeo, pre-packaged)

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  • Human Nanog Differentiation Reporter (pRedZeo, pre-packaged)
  • Human Nanog Differentiation Reporter (pRedZeo, pre-packaged)


Human Nanog Differentiation Reporter (pRedZeo, pre-packaged). Cat# SR10042VA. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Monitor differentiation in real time

With SBI’s line of pGreenZeo, pRedZeo, and pRedTK Differentation Reporter Vectors, you can monitor stem cell differentiation in real time. These vectors leverage our reliable lentivector technology and save you time—our pre-built differentiation reporters come as ready-to-package lentivector plasmids or ready-to-transduce pre-packaged lentivirus. The Human Nanog pRedZeo Differentiation Reporter co-expresses RFP and zeomycin resistance from the human Nanog promoter/enhancer elements, enabling tracking of pluripotency/differentiation using RFP fluorescence and selection for the desired cells using zeomycin.

  • Create stable differentiation-reporting cell lines
  • Monitor multiple lineages simultaneously
  • Track differentiation in live cells in real time

Please note that these vectors only function properly when transduced. Transfection keeps the constitutive RSV promoter intact, leading to nonspecific expression of the reporter genes.

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Supporting Data
See some of our differentiation reporters in action

SBI’s differentiation reporters are used in a number of papers. The data shown below are just one example (from Ravin R, Hoeppner DJ, Munno DM, Carmel L, Sullivan J, Levitt DL, Miller JL, Athaide C, Panchision DM, McKay RD. Potency and fate specification in CNS stem cell populations in vitro. Cell Stem Cell. 2008 Dec 4; 3(6):670-80. PMID: 19041783)

Figure 1. Live imaging of neuronal differentiation. Ravin, et al, used SBI’s Human GFAP pGreenFire Differentiation Reporter (Cat.# SR10016VA-1), which drives GFP expression from the glial fibrillary acidic protein promoter, to watch human neural stem cells differentiate into a network of mature neurons, oligodendrocytes, and astrocytes over the course of seven days. The periodic “flashes” seen in this video correspond to fluorescent photos taken of the growing cells to identify the GFP signals. The final photo taken after the network formation is shown below the video (color added). Among the network of neurons, only the astrocytes are bright green, demonstrating the specificity of SBI’s human GFAP pGreenFire Differentiation Reporter.

Figure 2. Simultaneously track multiple lineages from iPS and progenitor cells.

Figure 3. Additional differentiation reporter data.


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