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Mouse RORyt Promoter GreenFire lentivector plasmid (with Puro marker)

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  • Mouse RORyt Promoter GreenFire lentivector plasmid (with Puro marker)
  • Mouse RORyt Promoter GreenFire lentivector plasmid (with Puro marker)


Mouse RORyt Promoter GreenFire lentivector plasmid (with Puro marker) . Cat# TCL810A. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Monitor the balance of T cell dynamics in autoimmunity, inflammation, and cancer

Simplify your studies of T cell dynamics with SBI’s ready-to-use, pre-built Treg and Th17 vectors and cell lines. With the Mouse RORγt Promoter GreenFire Lentivector you can combine SBI’s well-regarded and high quality lentivector technology with a RORγt promoter-reporter architecture that enables easy and quantitative monitoring of RORγt expression. The RORγt promoter drives coordinated expression of GFP and luciferase reporters. The vector also includes a puromycin marker for selection.

The promoter sequences and design are based upon Dang, et al.1, Lazarevic, et al.2, and Ruan, et al3.


  1. Dang, EV, et al. Nuclear factor-κB in immunity and inflammation: the Treg and Th17 connection. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2012; 946:207-21. PMID: 21948370.
  2. Lazarevic, V. et al. T-bet represses T(H)17 differentiation by preventing Runx1-mediated activation of the gene encoding RORγt. Nat Immunol. 2011 Jan; 12(1):96-104. PMCID: PMC3077962.
  3. Ruan, Q, et al. The Th17 immune response is controlled by the Rel-RORγ-RORγ T transcriptional axis. J Exp Med. 2011 Oct 24; 208(11):2321-33. PMCID: PMC3201209.

Supporting Data

Luciferase activation in response to RORγt transcriptional activators

Figure 1. SBI’s GreenFire Lentivector reporters for mFoxp3, mRORγt, and mIL-17 show strong luciferase activity in response to known transcriptional activators. METHODS: Human Jurkat T cells were transduced with lentivirus for the Foxp3, RORγt and IL-17 promoter reporters. Transcription activation was tested using stimulation through the addition of with PMA (5 ng/ml) and Ionomycin (500 ng/ml). Cells were harvested after 24 hours and luciferase activity measured for transcription activation responses.



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