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pMRNAxp mRNAExpress Vector

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  • pMRNAxp mRNAExpress Vector
  • pMRNAxp mRNAExpress Vector


pMRNAxp mRNAExpress Vector. Cat# MR000PA. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences

Efficiently generate the mRNA of your choice by cloning your desired cDNA into the pMRNAxp mRNAExpress Vector for in vitro transcription



Efficiently generate mRNAs When you want instant expression after transfection into cells and need a custom construct, use the pMRNAxp mRNAExpress™ Vector. Simply clone your gene-of-interest into the pMRNAXP Vector and then perform in vitro transcription (for efficient in vitro transcription, SBI offers the high yield mRNAExpress mRNA Synthesis Kit (Cat.# MR-KIT-1), which includes the pMRNAXP Vector). pMRNAXP relies on the strong T7 promoter for generating high yields of transcript, and includes a 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR, and a polyA tail.

Supporting Data

Get instant expression when you deliver mRNAs made with the pMRNAXP mRNAExpress Vector

Figure 1. Strong GFP and RFP expression after transfection with mRNAs from the pMRNAXP mRNAExpress Vector. GFP and RFP mRNAs generated using the mRNAExpress mRNA Synthesis Kit were transfected into human foreskin fibroblasts (HFFs) using 1 µg of each mRNA per 24-well plate of cells.

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