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pPS-PGK-GFP-RFP (plasmid)

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  • pPS-PGK-GFP-RFP (plasmid)
  • pPS-PGK-GFP-RFP (plasmid)


pPS-PGK-GFP-RFP (plasmid). Cat# LV604PA. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Get the critical information you need to move forward with confidence
With SBI’s pPS-PGK-GFP-RFP Positive Transduction Control Lentivector & Pre-packaged Virus, you can easily optimize transduction conditions for your specific cells by using GFP and/or RFP to image and measure transduction efficiencies. Available as ready-to-transduce, pre-packaged virus or ready-to-transfect lentivector, the pPS-PGK-GFP-RFP Lentivector uses the moderate PGK promoter to co-express copepod GFP and RFP. A T2A element mediates co-expression.
Use the right promoter for your positive transduction control
If the PGK promoter does not provide the best expression levels for your positive control, you can choose from one of SBI’s other pPS-XXX-GFP-RFP Positive Transduction Control Lentivectors & Pre-packaged Viruses.

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SBI’s range of Positive Transduction Control Lentivectors & Pre-packaged Viruses

Figure 1. SBI offers a range of positive transduction controls that enable quantification of transduction efficiency. GFP and RFP are co-expressed from the promoter of your choice.
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