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96 Well ExoELISA plate (12x8 well strips, pack of 10 plates)

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  • 96 Well ExoELISA plate (12x8 well strips, pack of 10 plates)
  • 96 Well ExoELISA plate (12x8 well strips, pack of 10 plates)


96 Well ExoELISA plate (12x8 well strips, pack of 10 plates) . Cat# EXOEL-96P. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences

Pack of ten 96-well ExoELISA plates optimized for use with any of SBI’s ExoELISA assays.



Additional plates optimized for our ExoELISA KitsFor researchers who just need additional ExoELISA plates, we offer 96-well plates as a pack of ten. Each 96-well plate comes as a 12 strips of 8 wells each to maximize your flexibility—unused strips can be stored at room temperature for later use.
Choose the exosome quantitation method that’s best for your studies.

How It Works

Our ExoELISA Kits have all the reagents you need to run the ELISA—just add lysed exosome particles. The kits are compatible with exosomes isolated using most methods, including ExoQuick®, ExoQuick-TC®, or ultracentrifugation.

The ExoELISA assay uses a colorimetric, HRP activity-based readout using extra-sensitive TMB as the substrate.

The lysed exosome particles (and, thus, exosomal proteins) are directly immobilized onto the wells of the microtiter plate, and after binding, a blocking agent is added to prevent non-specific binding of the primary detection antibody (anti-CD9, -CD63, or -CD81). Following addition of the primary antibody, a secondary antibody (goat anti-rabbit) linked to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) is also added to amplify the signal and increase assay sensitivity.

The amount of the exosome marker (CD9, CD63, or CD81) is measured via activity of the bound HRP-secondary antibody using a colorimetric assay with extra-sensitive TMB as the substrate. The accumulation of colored product is proportional to the amount of marker present in each well, and is measured using a microtiter plate reader at 450 nm absorbance.

Each ExoELISA Kit includes a set of standards calibrated to a known amount of exosome particles as determined by NanoSight analysis. These standards can be used to generate a calibration curve enabling quantitation of exosomes carrying the marker of interest from the ExoELISA data.

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