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Cumate Solution, high concentration, 10,000x for use with PiggyBac

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Requires signed license from commercial customers
  • Cumate Solution, high concentration, 10,000x for use with PiggyBac
  • Cumate Solution, high concentration, 10,000x for use with PiggyBac


Cumate Solution, high concentration, 10,000x for use with PiggyBac. Cat# PBQM100A. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


The reagent behind tight, titratable gene expression

Prepared specifically for use with SBI’s inducible PiggyBac Vectors, the Cumate Solution for the PiggyBac Transposon System is a ready-to-add 10,000x inducer solution.

With the PiggyBac Transposon System, you can:

  • Make transgenic cell lines with a single transfection
  • Integrate multiple PiggyBac Vectors in a single transfection
  • Insert an expression cassette into human, mouse, and rat cells
  • Deliver virtually any-sized DNA insert, from 10 – 100 kb
  • Choose from PiggyBac Vectors that express your gene-of-interest from constitutive or inducible promoters and include a variety of markers
  • Determine the number of integration events with the PiggyBac qPCR Copy Number Kit (# PBC100A-1)
Customer Agreements Academic customers can purchase PiggyBac Transposon System components for internal research purposes for indefinite use, whereas commercial customers must sign a customer agreement for a four-month, limited-use license to evaluate the technology. For end user license information, see the following:
  • Academic Customers—End-User License Information
  • Commercial Customers—End-User License Information
* SBI is fully licensed to distribute PiggyBac vectors as a partnership with Hera BioLabs, Inc.

How It Works

Tightly-controlled, inducible gene expression

Get robust, titratable gene expression with low background using SBI’s cumate-inducible vectors. These vectors take advantage of CymR, a repressor that binds to cumate operator sequences (CuO) with high affinity in the absence of cumate, a non-toxic small molecule. Providing much lower background expression than similar systems, SBI’s cumate-inducible vectors can provide up to 32-fold induction of gene expression.

  • Robust—increase expression up to 32-fold
  • Adjustable—tune expression levels by titrating the amount of cumate
  • Reversible—turn expression on, then off, then on again
  • Powerful—suitable for in vivo applications


Supporting Data

Tight expression control with low background

Figure 2. In the absence of cumate, the cumate-inducible PiggyBac Vector shows undetectable levels of expression.

Figure 3. The PiggyBac cumate switch is titratable and can be turned off.



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