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Water-soluble Cumate solution (300mg/ml, 10,000x), 500ul

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  • Water-soluble Cumate solution (300mg/ml, 10,000x), 500ul
  • Water-soluble Cumate solution (300mg/ml, 10,000x), 500ul


Water-soluble Cumate solution (300mg/ml, 10,000x), 500ul . Cat# QM150A. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


The reagent behind tight, titratable gene expressionWith SBI’s SparQ™ Cumate Switch System, you can get inducible gene expression in mammalian cells through the addition of cumate, a non-toxic small molecule. Expression levels are tightly controlled and increase with increasing cumate concentration until maximum induction is reached—see as much as a 32-fold increase in gene expression. Even better, induction is reversible, so you can turn expression levels on and off. Delivering negligible background expression in the absence of cumate, the SparQ System is an excellent choice for achieving controlled levels of gene expression.The Powerful SparQ Cumate Switch System:
  • Robust—increase expression up to 32-fold
  • Adjustable—tune expression levels by titrating the amount of cumate
  • Reversible—turn expression on, then off, then on again
  • Versatile—choose from all-in-one formats that co-express CymR and your gene-of-interest, or two-vector systems where CymR is expressed from a different plasmid
  • Powerful—suitable for in vivo applications

How It Works

Tightly-controlled, inducible gene expression

SBI’s SparQ Cumate Switch System delivers robust, titratable gene expression with low background through three components:

  • Cumate, a non-toxic, small-molecule inducer
  • CymR, a repressor that binds to cumate operator sequences in the absence of cumate
  • SparQ Lentivector that contains an MCS to clone-in your gene-of-interest, the cumate inducible promoter with cumate operator sequences (CuO) upstream of the MCS, and one or more markers

CymR has a high binding affinity for cumate and, as more cumate is added, fewer CymR molecules bind to the CuO sequences in the promoter resulting in increased expression. Exhibiting much lower background expression than similar systems, SBI’s cumate-inducible vectors can provide up to 32-fold induction of gene expression.

Supporting Data

Tight expression control with low background

Figure 1. Get lower background and higher induction with the SparQ Cumate Switch System than other inducible systems.

Figure 2. Gene expression with the SparQ Cumate SwitchSystem can be turned on and off, then on again.

Figure 3. Gene expression with the SparQ Cumate Switch System is titratable, with increasing amounts of cumate inducing a linear increase in gene expression

Figure 4. With the SparQ System, gene expression can also be titrated by increasing the amount of transduced SparQ lentivirus, even up to 30 MOI.


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