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Exo-APC Exosome FACS stain

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  • Exo-APC Exosome FACS stain
  • Exo-APC Exosome FACS stain


Exo-APC Exosome FACS stain. Cat# EXOFLOW810A. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Visualize bead-immobilized exosomes with our proprietary, reversible APC-based stain

Optimized for our Exo-Flow Capture Kits and available only from SBI, Exo-APC is a proprietary reversible fluorescent stain for visualizing exosomes. Exo-APC is comprised of the commonly used fluorophore allophycocyanin (APC) conjugated to a protein that recognizes post-translational modifications on exosomal surface proteins, enabling general staining of exosomes.

However, the feature that really makes Exo-APC stand out as an ideal reagent for FACS-based isolation of exosomes is its reversibility—after staining with Exo-APC and flow-sorting by APC-positive gating (Exo-APC’s excitation and emission wavelengths are 650 nm and 660 nm, respectively), Exo-APC can be removed from exosomes through the simple addition of Exosome Elution Buffer, which simultaneously elutes exosomes from the Exo-Flow magnetic beads and removes bound Exo-APC.


Note that we also offer reversible Exo-FITC (Cat.# Exo-FLOW800A-1) as an alternative stain to Exo-APC.

Use Exo-APC with any of our Exo-Flow Capture Kits:

How It Works

Easily purify exosomes using FACS with our Exo-Flow Capture Kits

At a glance
Simply (1) couple biotinylated antibody to the magnetic streptavidin beads, (2) use the antibody-coupled magnetic beads to capture exosomes that have been isolated using either ExoQuick® or ultracentrifugation, (3) wash away unbound exosomes, and then (4) stain with reversible Exo-APC (excitation and emission wavelengths of 650 nm and 660 nm, respectively).

Your sample is now ready for FACS analysis.

To use the purified exosomes after FACS, add the included Exosome Elution Buffer to simultaneously remove the Exo-APC stain and elute intact exosomes from the beads.

Supporting Data

See Exo-APC in action

Exo-APC enables selective exosome isolation via FACS. Exosomes are isolated using the CD9 Exo-Flow Capture Kit and flow-sorted using APC-positive gating.


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