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HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell Line

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  • HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell Line
  • HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell Line


HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell Line. Cat# CVD19-200A. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Advance your COVID-19 studies with SBI

SBI is helping scientists around the globe respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with research tools that get your studies up and running quickly and efficiently. Our HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell line takes advantage of our our robust pCDH-CMV-MCS-EF1α-Puro Cloning and Expression Lentivector (Cat.# CD510B-1/VA-1), delivering ACE2 expression from the CMV promoter with a separate EF1α promoter driving the expression of the puromycin resistance gene for selection.

  • Leverage SBI's robust lentivector expression technology to study the ACE2 receptor
  • Ready-to-use stable cell line accelerates your SARS-CoV-2 studies
  • Lentivector is also available as plasmid and pre-packaged virus

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Supporting Data

Figure 1. ACE2 is well expressed in the HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell Line. We transduced the ACE2 Expression Lentivector (pCDH-CMV-ACE2-EF1α-Puro) into HEK293 cells to create our HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell Line. To demonstrate the robust expression of ACE2 in this cell line, we extracted total protein and analyzed ACE2 expression via western blot. The parental HEK293 cells (negative control lane) display no ACE2 expression whereas the HEK293 ACE2 Stable Cell Line possesses robust ACE2 expression. The positive control is HEK293 cells transfected with the ACE2 Expression Lentivector.


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