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pGreenFire1-mCMV Virus (pTRH1 mCMV dscGFP T2A Fluc) + EF1-Neo

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  • pGreenFire1-mCMV Virus (pTRH1 mCMV dscGFP T2A Fluc) + EF1-Neo
  • pGreenFire1-mCMV Virus (pTRH1 mCMV dscGFP T2A Fluc) + EF1-Neo


pGreenFire1-mCMV Virus (pTRH1 mCMV dscGFP T2A Fluc) + EF1-Neo. Cat# TR010VA-N. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences

Run your pGreenFire projects with confidence with the addition of this negative control that drives copGFP and luciferase with a minimal CMV promoter (EF1α-neo)



Supporting your studies with ready-to-go controls No need to make a negative control for your pGreenFire projects—SBI’s already built one for you. With the pGreenFire1-mCMV (EF1α-neo) Negative Control Lentivector, the GreenFire cassette is driven by a minimal CMV promoter with destabilized copepod GFP (dscGFP, 2-hour half-life) and luciferase co-expression mediated by a T2A element.
The minimal CMV promoter delivers negligible expression, and this configuration provides a control for background levels of GFP and luciferase expression in the absence of enhancer elements, such as the ones used in our Signal Transduction Pathway Reporters/Transcriptional Response Element Reporters.
To simplify cell line construction, this pGreenFire1-mCMV (EF1α-neo) Negative Control Lentivector comes with a constitutively expressed neomycin marker expressed from the Ef1α promoter. Or choose an EF1α-puro (Cat.# TR010PA-P), or no marker at all (Cat.# TR010PA-1). All versions of this lentivector are available as plasmid or pre-packaged virus.

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