Rev-CEM-GFP HIV Reporter Cells | 568-HRC-4

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1 Vial of 5x10⁶ Cells


Rev-CEM-GFP HIV Reporter Cells | 568-HRC-4 from 101Bio Supplied by Gentaur Genprice.

Product Overview: HIV Rev-dependent reporter cells represent a major advancement in the development of HIV indicator cells (Wu et al., 2007) . This new reporter system differs dramatically from the common LTR-based reporter cells, which rely solely on the HIV promoter, the long terminal repeat (LTR), to drive reporter expression.

While responsive to an early HIV protein, Tat, the LTR is also responsive to cell culture conditions and the stimulation by a variety of known and unknown factors, including cytokines, mitogens, HDAC inhibitors, lipopolysaccharide, certain anti-tumor drugs, or free viral proteins (Siekevitz et al., 1987; Sweet et al., 1995) . Such non-HIV dependent reporter expression frequently diminishes reporter specificity and sensitivity. In contrast to the LTR-based reporter cells, our Rev-dependent reporter cells use both LTR and the Rev/RRE interaction to regulate reporter gene expression. This strict requirement for Rev, a viral protein present only in infected cells, drastically improves the reporter specificity and sensitivity

Shipping/Storage Temperature: Store -80℃; With our special method, the cells can be shipped at RT (Not in dry ice to save international shipping cost)

Shelf Life: 12 months

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