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ExoQuick ULTRA EV Isolation Kit for Serum and Plasma

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  • ExoQuick ULTRA EV Isolation Kit for Serum and Plasma
  • ExoQuick ULTRA EV Isolation Kit for Serum and Plasma
  • ExoQuick ULTRA EV Isolation Kit for Serum and Plasma


ExoQuick ULTRA EV Isolation Kit for Serum and Plasma. Cat# EQULTRA-20A. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Looking to isolate EVs from Tissue Culture Media or other biofluids? Check out ExoQuick-TC ULTRA.

ExoQuick ULTRA vs. Top Competitor vs. Ultracentrifugation

igure 1. ExoQuick ULTRA delivers high yields of clean exosomes. (A)
A coomassie blue-stained protein gel comparing the protein content of exosome preps isolated using different methods shows only a few, defined protein bands in the ExoQuick ULTRA lane compared to the other methods.
Western blotting of the gel shows that the ExoQuick ULTRA prep contains the highest levels of exosome-specific markers CD9, CD81, and Hsp70 and the lowest levels of the carryover proteins albumin and IgGH. In contrast, the prep from Company Q appears to be primarily albumin, and even the sample prepared using ultracentrifugation contains considerably higher levels of both albumin and IgGH. Each lane was loaded with 7 μg of total protein as measured using a fluorometric Qubit protein assay.

Figure 2. Fluorescent nanoparticle tracking analysis (fNTA) demonstrates the high EV yields delivered by ExoQuick ULTRA compared to Ultracentrifugation.
Comparison of different isolation methods on EV yields by both volume of input serum (per mL,
) and amount of input serum protein (per mg as measured by fluorometric Qubit protein assay,
). Particle number was measured using fNTA, a technique which specifically detects EVs (see how to use fNTA to measure EV concentration at our ExoGlow-NTA page).

Benefits of ExoQuick ULTRA
Even cleaner
—reduces carry-over of albumins by 75% and immunoglobulins by 40% more than other methods, including ultracentrifugation and competitors’ kits
Higher yields
—isolate more EVs per normalized input volume than ultracentrifugation and competitors’ kits
Better biomarker detection
—see what you’ve been missing when you increase the sensitivity of EV biomarker detection by up to 11-fold (CD9) and 8-fold (CD81)
—requires less than 20-minutes of hands-on time, including a convenient column-based format for clean-up
—save money with each reaction compared to how much you’ll spend using a competitor’s kit

4 Simple Stages - 20 Minutes Hands-On-Time

Figure 3. EVs isolated using ExoQuick ULTRA display typical EV morphology.Transmission electron micrographs of EVs isolated from human serum using ExoQuick. The same sample is shown at two different magnifications. Multiple vesicles with typical EV morphology can be seen in each image.

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