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  • Exo-FlowMag96
  • Exo-FlowMag96


Exo-FlowMag96 . Cat# EXOFLOWMAG. Supplier: SBI System Biosciences


Simplify your bead-based immunopurifications

Validated to work with any of our Exo-Flow32 or Exo-Flow96 IP Kits, the Exo-FlowMag96 Magnetic Plate simplifies plate-based exosome isolation using magnetic beads.

Use the Exo-Flow Multifunctional Magnetic Stand with any of our Exo-Flow Capture Kits:

How It Works

Take a closer look at the Exo-FlowMag96 96-well Magnetic Plate

Once the Exo-Flow32 or Exo-Flow96 clear plastic plate is placed into the Exo-FlowMag96 96-well Magnetic Plate, the magnetic beads stick to the bottom of each well simplifying removal of buffer for washing and elution.

Supporting Data

See isolation data using Exo-FLOW IP Kits

For these studies, either human serum or HEK293 exosomes concentrated from cell culture media using ExoQuick-TC were added to the antibody-coupled magnetic beads. After washing, exosomes were eluted and recovery estimated using a standard BCA protein assay.

Figure 1. CD63 and CD9, two exosome markers, are readily detected in samples purified using Exo-Flow Kits. Approximately 1 µg of protein was loaded per well on a 4-20% gradient protein PAGE. The proteins were separated and transferred to nitrocellulose membranes for Western blot analysis. The blots were probed with either with anti-CD63 or anti-CD9 antibodies to detect the exosome protein markers.

Figure 2. NanoSight analysis shows Exo-Flow IP Kits deliver good yields of particles whose sizes are consistent with exosomes.


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